Coquito: A Tale of Second Chances and Unwavering Love

They say every dog has its day, but for Coquito, his day seemed shadowed by misjudgments and misunderstandings. When Coquito first entered our lives, it was under circumstances that carried heavy hearts and somber stories. Yet, as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, the story of Coquito transformed into one of hope, redemption, and boundless love.

Coquito’s Tumultuous Journey

The small, uncertain steps of Coquito first echoed in our lives when he was returned by his previous adopters. He arrived with a list of grievances that painted a bleak picture: a "bad dog" who had accidents around the house, barked incessantly, and was unpredictable in behavior. The weight of these allegations could have sealed Coquito's fate, relegating him to a life forever chained to misunderstandings.

However, the shelter and I had our suspicions. Was he a victim of prolonged crating, causing his so-called "unpredictable" behavior? When we were asked to foster Coquito, we jumped at the opportunity and give him the chance he deserved.

The Coquito We Came to Know and Love

With the loss of our beloved senior chihuahuas, Marisol and Lelo, there was a huge void in our lives that we were uncertain we would ever be able recover from. But then, Coquito happened.

Contrary to the list of complaints, Coquito showcased none of the problematic behaviors. He was neither unpredictable nor did he have frequent accidents. In fact, to our surprise, he was wee wee pad trained! Day by day, Coquito's gentle nature and loving demeanor started filling the void left by our senior babies. His wagging tail, his soft whimpers, and his warm cuddles were a testament to the fact that, sometimes, all one needs is understanding and a bit of love.

From Fostering to Forever

Three months into fostering, our bond with Coquito had grown so deep and so strong that the thought of parting ways became unbearable. And so, we made a heartwarming decision: Coquito was family. Our decision to adopt him was met with joyous barks and affectionate licks, sealing our bond for a lifetime.

Coquito no longer has to face the fear of being shuffled between homes. With us, he has found his forever family. Today, he has a feisty senior chihuahua sister, Betty, who never fails to keep him on his toes. He also shares his home with a one-eyed senior cat, Six, who watches his new sibling suspiciously from a safe distance. The trio, with their unique personalities and quirks, is a living testament to the beauty of adoption and second chances.

The Lessons Coquito Taught Us

Coquito's journey with us was more than just an adoption story. It was a lesson in empathy, understanding, and the importance of giving second chances. Every dog, has a story and a past. It's essential to look beyond preconceived notions and judgments to truly understand and appreciate the soul within.

Coquito also reaffirmed our belief in fostering and adopting. By opening our hearts and homes to him, we not only gave Coquito a new lease on life but also found a way to heal our own wounds. He taught us that love isn't bound by time; it's bound by moments, memories, and the warmth of togetherness.


In the end, Coquito's story is a beacon of hope for countless other dogs waiting for their forever homes. It's a reminder that with a little patience and a lot of love, every dog can find its day in the sun. Here's to Coquito, the little chihuahua who taught us the immeasurable power of love, second chances, and the magic of new beginnings.

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