When we first saw Arepa we had no intention of taking in another rescue. Our Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) Duma had unexpectedly passed away. We were devastated. I thought I would never be able to rescue another dog as the pain was simply too much to bear.

A few months after Duma’s passing, we traveled to Colombia for a multicity trip. On the very first leg of our trip, we were walking past a construction site when we spotted a JRT covered in dirt, looking lethargic, and with the skin around her eyes and snout raw. We couldn’t leave her there. After speaking with a worker at the construction site, we were told we could have her if we wanted her. We left with Arepa and have never regretted our decision!

While discussing possible names during a lunch of arepas and other delicious items, I suggested naming her Arepa considering how much I loved them. It was settled, the name stuck and she’s been our little Arepa since. Next with the help of an amazing local couple we managed to get Arepa to the vet. Here, Arepa received a much needed flea bath, haircut, and vaccines required for travel. Now we had to determine whether to cancel the remainder of our trip or if we could still experience the remainder of our trip. This couple was quick to offer to watch Arepa while we finished up our travels. They were even kind enough to fly Arepa out from Bogota to Cartagena on the last day of our trip. This was more than we ever expected and could not be more grateful to them.

We had researched travel regulations prior to arriving at the airport. We made certain to get there extra early as we had to have documentation signed by the Department of Agriculture permitting us to travel with Arepa. We arrived at the office during what was supposed to be its business hours, only to find the office closed. Panic began to set in, with thoughts of who would stay behind with Arepa if we couldn’t get the needed documentation in time. Fortunately, after some time we saw an individual in uniform walking past. We asked them regarding when the office would open and was informed it would not. After explaining our situation and Arepa’s rescue, she informed us that she would complete the necessary documentation for us. We were so grateful and overjoyed!

Off we went to our flight. Arepa boarded the plane with us, and although we perhaps aren’t supposed to we figured she’d been through a lot and took her out of the carrier and placed her on my lap. The flight attendants were fantastic and loved her, as did others sitting nearby. Arepa slept the entire 6 hour flight from what I can only imagine was the exhaustion from her difficult life up until this point.

Arepa was estimated to be anywhere between 2 to 4 years old when we rescued her. She has now been a part of our family for over 10 years and has been struggling with some serious medical issues. We don’t regret our decision to bring her home for a second. She has been a true JRT in so many ways, such as causing trouble nearly all the time, and I love her for it. No matter how old she gets, she will always be a baby to me and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed that day in August of 2010.

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Arepa was so lucky to have your guys, and she returns you with her adorable and so many loves.
Thanks to the kind couple, they complete this sweet story.


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