Adopt an Iranian Dog

Adopt an Iranian Dog

Our first international rescue mission was carried out with a dedicated animal rescue group located in Iran called Adopt an Iranian Dog.

There are many stray dogs in Iran and unfortunately they tend to be unwelcomed by communities. I attribute this to a lack of understanding of dogs. I believe it is important to educate people on animals in general, and demonstrating kindness and respect towards them. I believe people are kind and any unkind behavior towards animals tends to be from a lack of education or understanding.

I first came across Adopt and Iranian Dog’s Instagram account through a friend who has been a huge supporter of struggling rescue organizations in nations with limited resources for helping animals. After reaching out to the founder, Yasi, I learned of the extremely tough conditions she was operating her dog rescue. Located in an area where many in the community are hostile to dogs, including the government, Yasi had managed to overcome all odds and become a champion for these voiceless animals. I offered to assist in setting up a rescue mission by helping transport one dog to the USA where the dog was more likely to get adopted. My family was visiting Iran, I asked them if they would be willing to bring a dog back and they quickly agreed. I then asked if they would be willing to bring two back, that took a bit more convincing but I finally managed to convince them and the rescue ended up involving two dogs!

One dog was a sweet mutt named Barney. Barney was found as a stray puppy with his ears cut off and severe damage to one of his legs. His leg could not be saved and was amputated. He required rehab but unfortunately there are no rehab facilities for dogs in Iran, or none that are easily accessible.

The second dog Joo Joo is a gorgeous shephard mix. Joo Joo was naturally terrified of people. His usual experiences had not been kind ones. We were hoping by bringing him to the USA we could help change his life and help him finally find the kindness and love he deserves.

Im happy to announce that Joo Joo and Barney were both adopted by lovely families. I had a chance to meet them when they arrived in the USA and it was an incredible moment. To think that through social media, a few messages, and asking other people for help we were able to save two lives.

Being active in the rescue community has been life changing. I don’t look at the world for its cruelty, but rather I look at all of the kind people who are out there and want to help save animals in need. I have chosen to look at the positive and instead of getting upset at others, working to educate the public as much as I can.

Rescue is a part of who I am. I have rescued animals of all kinds since I was a child and it is perhaps the most rewarding thing I have ever engaged in.

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